(Pastor Mike Bachmann)
I went to a blazing grace healing service with the bad shoulder that had been bothering me for three
years. At the appointed time I went forward to have my shoulder prayed for an almost immediately
started to feel the pain subside. A couple hours later I had no pain at all for the first time in three
years!  I am very thankful for the Blazing Grace healing service and will be telling others about it.
Levi ~~
My son was about to go in for heart surgery when I heard about the Blazing Grace healing service.
Since my son was in the hospital waiting to be operated on the next day I decided to go to the service
and intercede on his behalf. The next morning, before the surgery, I had mentioned to the doctor
about the blazing grace healing service and asked him if he would take another x-ray of my son's
heart. He came back with the x-rays and it had showed that the heart had completely been healed and
that my son was not going to need the surgery. The best thing I ever did was go to that healing
service and if there is anyone out there that needs to be healed or knows someone that needs to be
healed they should definitely go to the Blazing Grace healing service.
Carlos ~~
much he will be going home in a few days...Thank you! And for Becky Anderson Logan brother Glen
who had the liver transplant a few weeks ago and his body started to reject it they gave him a 3
percent chance to live have Doc's baffled because there is no sign of rejection and is doing
great...thank you! and for Gene Brasse who we prayed would not have his legs amputated did lose
both legs but praise God he is up and walking on his bionic legs...thank you! Also baby Bentley who
was born very early is now home from the hospital...thank you!
Thank you for praying and we praise God for these healings!
Cathy ~~
I am so thankful for all you prayer warriors you are doing a wonderful job! I have had some real heart
problems for the last year and the Dr. told me that I need to start preparing for a heart operation. He
said I was having some kind of problem with my arteries and would need a four-way bypass. I have
been following this prayer list on Facebook for several months and I decided to have my name added
to it. I am very thankful that pastor Mike Bachman gets this list out three times a day and he is very
faithful to it. I look at and pray for each and every name that is on this list so imagine what it was like
when I saw my own name on their. From the moment I saw my name it was like rapid fire heat was
going through my chest and I couldn’t believe that God was doing something inside of me. I just kept
saying Jesus heal me over and over again. Two days later I had my Dr. appointment so we could go
over the x-rays and set up a surgery time. I told him about the prayer list and that my name was on it
and about all the rapid fire heat that had been going through my chest when I started praying Jesus
heal me. My doctor is a Christian and he believes in healing so he said we should take another x-ray
so we did. And now I have saved the best part for last. The Dr. said I had the heart of a 20-year-old
and that all of the artery problems looked to be cleaned up. I would not need the operation. Thank
you Jesus, Pastor Bachmann and Prayer Warriors.
I realized I was having difficulty with my eyes so decided to go see my optometrist. On examining
them , she told me that I had cataracts in both eyes and that I would have to have surgery in less than
a year. She is a very good one , so I had no doubt about her diagnosis! I asked Pastor Bachmann to
add me to this Prayer List and believe God with me for a miracle and that's exactly what I got! When I
returned to my eye doctor for another examination, she was very taken back by surprise and said
that my eyes are GOOD and asked me ' What happened?' Well, I was elated to tell her that God did it!
I am thankful that thousands of miles away from Blazing Grace Church that God is answering prayer
in New Zealand. Thank you Prayer Warriors, Blazing Grace Church,  and thank you God! …….. I AM
At 9 AM, 2 PM, 7 PM ... All the Warriors around the world will be praying for the following list for a
healing of the body and mind! ..... It doesn't matter if you don't know them .... God Does .... If you are
a Warrior, join us today at 9, 2, and 7 ….. Simply Say: GOD, THERE IS A LIST OF PEOPLE THAT THE

The Prayer List is on: Facebook (Mike Bachmann) at 9AM, 2PM, AND 7PM
Send a Friend Request and join us 3 times a day!

I know that this is an unusual healing but to me healing is healing. I am not dying like some of these
people and I do not have cancer or a tumor. I didn’t believe in God and I had very little hope that this
list would even work. What I did have was a marriage that was on the rocks! I came home from a
business trip and found my best friend in bed with my wife. I have never felt so much pain in all my
life and I wasn’t even sure what to do! I had a good friend that was a Christian and he was talking to
me about Jesus all the time so I decided to call him. He came right over to my house and spent about
an hour with me and to make a long story short I asked this Jesus to come into my heart. He started
to tell me about a prayer list that had warriors all over the world praying for people to be healed so I
asked him if he thought that a marriage that was totally destroyed could be healed and he said yes.
We got a hold of Pastor Mike on Facebook and asked him to add my name and my wife’s name to the
list for healing. I am glad to report that my marriage is healed, my wife has accepted Christ, and we
are both serving the Lord. It will never fail to amaze me what God can do in two months. If you need a
healing please contact Pastor Mike Bachmann and get your name put on this list, it is amazing. Thank
you warriors for your prayers!.
I broke my foot about a month ago and the Dr. told me that I would be in a cast most of the winter.
Well that just doesn’t work for me because I am an instructor at Aspen and I need that foot. A good
friend of mine told me about a warriors prayer list of some kind in Boise Idaho and he said all you had
heal my foot. I am not much into this Jesus stuff but I need that foot bad so I got a hold of Mike
Bachman on Facebook and asked him if he would add my name to the list. Now this is the part that
you are not going to believe. Exactly 8 days from the time that my name was added to that list my
foot was completely healed. It started to burn like crazy inside my cast so I went to the Dr. to find out
what was wrong, the Dr. took some x-rays of it and then he came in and remove the cast, said that he
had never seen anything like that it was completely healed. I am going to church this Sunday for the
first time and I’m going to look into this Jesus thing. My friend said all I have to do is ask Jesus to
come into my life, I think I will be doing that. I want to thank any of you that was praying for my foot it
was a miracle and I believe in it now.
I was diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer 2 months ago, I have been put on this prayer list and the
Warriors are praying for me. Last week I had PET and CT scans, today my doctor and the surgeon
have confirmed that there is no tumors/cancer to be found on the scans. My doctor even said that it
is a miracle. If I lived in Boise Id. I would be coming to Blazing Grace, but I don’t. Sorry! When the
doctors gave up on me, Pastor Mike Bachmann, Blazing Grace Church, and about a billion Prayer
Warriors did not. I AM HEALED IN JESUS NAME!
A badly damaged spine caused me terrible pain and I could only struggle a short distance on sticks.
When going out I had to be wheeled in a wheelchair. Nothing else was working so I had my name
added to this List. In three days, all pain left me, but it wasn't until the next morning when the pain
was still gone that I realized I was healed and got up out of my chair and haven’t sat in it again or had
any problem with my back since. Praise Jesus! …. You prayer warriors are
AWESOME and I Thank You Pastor Mike Bachmann for this Prayer List.
When I was a child the doctors discovered that my right leg was about 2 inches shorter than my left
one this is caused me a lot of pain and problems over the years and I have seen a lot of doctors. A
friend of mine told me about this prayer list and I asked her if she would talk to Pastor Bachmann and
have my name put on it. I haven’t had any pain in my knees and hips or my back for quite a while now
so I went to the doctor to have my leg checked out and he said it is a miracle your leg has grown 2
inches after all these years what is it that you have been doing. I told him that a friend of mine added
my name to a warriors prayer list in Boise Idaho and that warriors all over the world were praying for
my leg to grow out. He said … well you can throw away all your shoes now and start buying normal
shoes. I am so excited. Pastor Mike thank you and Blazing Grace Church. Tell everybody that has
been praying for me thank you also. This prayer list is awesome.  
Doctors told me in 2013 that I was going to die from terminal liver cancer within a few months, My
brother told me about this miracle prayer list that God was in charge of!!! … As you can maybe tell, I
don’t believe in this God stuff, but I have nothing to lose so I asked my brother if he would have my
name added. After all these people talking to god, I just found out that two aggressive tumors all this
Jesus stuff and go check out this Blazing Grace Church and this Mike Bachmann. Don’t know much